Nine  Failed Technology Products  in World


  Failed Technology Products Failed Technology Products  which  are Nine in World  .The  Companies whose products  were burned out of  their  hands   are  Galaxy  Note 7 ,  Face Book Home , Google Lively , New Coke ,Cosmo Metropolitan Yogurt, Harley Davidsun Clone , Microsoft Zone ,  Bick Underwear ,Ford Edsel ,Colgate’s Food . Samsung Galaxy Note 7 South Korean ‘s ...

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Facebook Launched Official version For Office Workers

facebook office version

Facebook  Official  Version Facebook  Official  Version : This  is good news for office workers that Facebook  introduced   office or official version . After  a two -years of trail , finally  Facebook  has introduced the official version  that is similar to social networking site  which is use  by  more than one billion people daily . You May also Like : Enjoy ...

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  The Battery of  Samsung Note 7  Got Explosion During its Use.

Samsung note 7 Battery Explosion

  Samsung Note 7 Battery Explosion DO NOT  USE  NOTE 7 PHONE   ,SAMSUNG SAID    Samsung  said to  users  of  Note 7  that they    stop  the use of  Note 7.The Company is investigating  about this matter that  After  the  incident  of  Note 7 Phone ‘s   battery  explosion  , the phones  that were given to users as  an alternative   and  were considered  safe ...

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Find the Bug And Get Money As A Reward


  Find the Bug Find the Bug : Bug  Bounty  Program   is  since  1995. Actually , this is an opportunity  for Hackers . Hackers  find  a bug or error in any software , services  or hardware  that was unknown before. For this  Search  , Companies  pay the  huge sum of money  to hackers  in a reward .There are  big names  ...

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Snapchat Launches Sun-Glasses With Built in Camera

Glasses With Built in Camera

Glasses With Built-in Camera Glasses  With Built-in Camera Snapshot  Launches Sun-Glasses  With Built-in Camera The details of  Camera Glasses of Snap chat  has been released . You can make the video of 10 Seconds.  Sale of these 3 colored Glasses will be started in last week of  2016 . Snapchat  can become a big competitor of   Face book , is ...

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1 Tera Byte Micro SD Card have been Launched By SanDisk

1 Tera Byte Micro SD Card

1 TB Micro SD Card 1 TB Micro SD Card  : SanDisk’s 1Tb SD Card has storage more than your laptop or pc. The increase in Resolution Smart Phones means increase in size of videos and pictures.But luckily Flash Memory Cards get rid from this difficulty temporary. However, would you like to use such a Memory Card  with one Tera ...

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Move Your Data with Google Takeout Service in Drop box or One Drive

google-takeout service-

  Google Takeout  Service Google Takeout  Service  :  Google  is well known  for  innovation. Users   are  attracted  to  Google Services  as its products  are innovative  and  strongly believe in user  considerations. If   you  are angry with  Google  services  then Google  allows  you to carry  your  data to Google ,s servers  anywhere with delightly.  Google had started a service called Takeout ...

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Windows Care  Genius  Pro 3.95.356  Download [Latest]

Windows Care Genius Pro 3.95.356 Download [Latest]

Windows Care  Genius  Pro Windows Care Genius   Pro  is a well known and best pc optimizer software. It  is very famous in world .It is  best  tool   with  good  features  to keep  your pc  clean , run fast  and trouble – free. With single click you can clean up  your system  junk  files , clean registry  and cached records  to ...

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